Bladez On Ice
104 Red Banks rd, Greenville, nc 27858
"The COOLEST place in town!"

~This Week at a Glance~

Monday, October 20th:
3:00-5:00pm  Public Skate
5:00-5:45pm  FS
6:00-7:00pm  Skate School
7:15-8:15pm  ECU FS
8:30-11:20pm  Adult League

Tuesday, October 21st :
3:00-5:00pm  Public Skate
5:00-5:45pm  FS
6-7:30pm  ECHA
8:00-9:15pm  ECU Hockey

Wednesday, October 22nd:
3:00-5:00pm  Public Skate
5:00-6:00pm  FS
6:15-7:45pm Adult Pick-Up Hockey

Thursday, October 23rd:
3:00-5:00pm  Public Skate
5:00-5:45pm  FS
15pm  ECHA
8:00-9:15pm  ECU Hockey

Friday, October 24th:
3:00-5:00pm  Public Skate
5:15-6:45pm  Adult Pick-Up Hockey
7:30-9:30pm Public Skate* (Free Skate rental with Student ID)
*a portion of the proceeds from this session go will go to support the ECU Figure Skating Team - Go Pirates!

Saturday, October 25th:
  11:30am-12:30pm - Skate School Make-Up Session
1:00-3:00pm  Public Skate
4:00-6:00pm  Public Skate
6:15-7:15pm  Stick 'n Puck
  7:30-9:30pm  Public Skate

Sunday, October 26th:
1:00-3:00pm  Public Skate
3:15-9:20pm Adult League


We are now taking reservations for fall and winter birthday and holiday parties.  Call today to reserve a spot!

Proud home of  ECU Ice Hockey, ECU Figure Skating and Greenville Jr. Pirates Hockey

We are now accepting applications!
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